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Interesting dream! Always hate when I miss the ending. I've mentioned this in other threads, but the Trolls and the High Ones seemed to have evolved in opposite directions, with the exception of the misshapen Trolls, which are one of my least favorite plot devices. The Scroll tells us that the High Ones evolved into space-faring people, while the Trolls were still apes that apparently couldn't even swing from trees (probably because the trees were long gone, thanks to you-know-who.) As they fly around in the Palace, the apes become early ancestors of Trolls, though not as tall and strong. They become intellectually advanced enough to plot a rebellion. Once the Palace crashes, and everyone scatters, the Trolls burrow underground, as Oddbit later said, "like sensible people." With the exception of three captive rockshapers, Trolls have to rely upon non-magical technology to develop medicines, shape metal tools, and build endless networks of secret tunnels. Some of the High Ones interbreed with wolves, as they adapt to their new environment. They suffer clash after clash with the native humans. The Sun Folk and the Gliders become master craftspeople. They and the Go-Backs domesticate animals. All of the Elves create suitable homes, using both magic and technology. As the Trolls become bigger and stronger, the Elves become smaller. Even the Gliders are shorter than the High Ones. Northern Trolls get to be huge. The vast majority of Elves can neither fly nor levitate objects, yet no one seems to have any desire to make flying machines. Scores of them die trying to regain the flying Palace. Treestump learns to make steel only after rooting around in an abandoned Troll foundry. Wolfriders ride ponies and horses a couple of times, and Sun Folk briefly domesticate zwoots, but horsemanship is never seriously pursued. The wheel appears to be a lost cause among Elves. Picknose develops gunpowder some time before the humans develop firearms. Two-Edge's Troll nature is leading the technology race. Meanwhile, the Elves finally secure the Palace and fly around in it. A whole colony of them live in it, kind of like Gliders did in Blue Mountain, except for the fact that the Palace flies and is not shrouded in giant bird poop. This is how I get my attitude of superiority in regards to my race...