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Fun to hear everyone's two cents! I agree with @Dreamcat about the organic roleplay. I really like to RP with people and have their characters bring their surprise twists into the game plots. I don't mind some pre-planned plots, but I like to keep the pre-planning simple so that the game can evolve into a surprising direction. I get to know my characters well so it's never a problem to figure out how they'd react to a situation. But it's just so much fun to have my character (and me!) surprised. This brings me to our other topic, villains/troublemakers. They really bring the edge to role playing. I love conflicts and drama in game. It keeps the gaming interesting and makes room for character development. I like putting my characters through trouble if there's a chance. That said, I don't want them to be traumatized out of their wits. So they're survivors, even if things have gone wrong. Still, they might have a bit of a trauma. I like my characters to have some weaknesses, even if it's just that they're annoying to others... ;) Or maybe sorting through their personal issues. Anyway, conflict with other characters helps to bring out my characters' weaknesses and strengths alike. Somehow I also like to RP a "supporting character" if that makes any sense. I feel that so many people in different role plays (not neccessarily EQ) have wanted their character to be the main character or important or even a bit Mary Sue... I'd rather play someone who isn't the center of attention, just to keep things balanced. :D I really like balance. That's why I often end up creating male characters - there seems to be a constant lack of them in every game I see! I like to create a character that fills a spot. In many games, I've created an "adoptable" or "requested" character because I just like that sort of thing. But oh, how I miss the Glider overlord Elyro... He was the best villain! :)