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Maybe. Or maybe they do that quest thing young. Here's what I'm thinking... The earliest Wolfriders, the Hunt, sometimes didn't have names at all. It seems the closer an elf is to being wolf- the less likely it is to know it's name. And the closer to being elf- the more likely. At least, that's how the early BoTC stories presented it. The wolfriders started off at least 1/4 wolf and have been gradually getting elfier ever since. Maybe this is just evolution. Maybe Cutter is a lot more elf and a lost less wolf than Bearclaw- maybe that's just true of the most recent generation- and subsequent generations are just likely to get closer and closer to true elf. Heck- it's not as if they are still interbreeding with wolves to reinforce that heritage. If they are't breeding with eachother- the Wolfriders are making babies with other elves that are full elf- so the wolf is being bred out of them gradually. So maybe the younger generation is just more in touch with their elf side as a consequence. And maybe that's why Cutter and Tyleet and others didn't have to quest for their soul names.