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We've got a thread for the first new Elfquest compilation that Dark Horse will be putting out this summer (the 720 page Complete Elfquest, which will collect the entire Original Quest in one huge but affordable softcover, black and white volume). This thread is to discuss the other new book that was recently announced: Elfquest: The Gallery Edition. Gallery Edition Cover On the surface, it seems similar to the Complete Elfquest because it'll be a black and white collection of the first five Elfquest issues, but after reading more about it, it's going to be totally different. First, it's going to be hardcover. Second, it's going to be feature the original art at its original size, a huge 11x17". Third, I'm guessing the paper stock is going to be glossy. And Fourth, it's apparently going to show the original art with all of the liner notes, white-outs, cut-and-pastes, etc.--essentially the original art as it will appear at the Columbia University archives. All of this adds up to a volume for serious Elfquest collectors - which is reflected in the list price of $125.00. So, are you going to buy Elfquest: The Gallery Edition this October when it comes out?