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How could I've missed this? 8-> You've added awesome new art, Tehaar!

Tehaar said: I do think Embala has commented on these before, they used to be in my profile gallery at the old website.
My old problem ... I see what I like very much, want to return ... and get distracted. *shame* The redhead has a very realistic look - very "alive". Characteristic features and catching green eyes and sensitive ... the freckles make him "commen" and loveable. I like his towseled hair and the small braid. The clothing is functional and just a bit playful with the toothed edges. Love the Sunmaiden's smirk. Wonders whether she's inviting someone. ;) The moth fabric curtain makes a good contrast. Amazing shading of the skin. It's wonderful to see classic coloring. It becomes rare. Watercolors are definitely a medium that suits you, Tehaar.
Vaeri said: hey, if this is how you do fresh from a long break, you're doing pretty fantastic! i can only imagine how much better you'll get with a reference and more practice.^^
Second this! Now I want to know who this guy is ... maybe even a chief? Great outfit design - this tribe has an imaginative tanner with love for her work. ;) The differrent elements complement each other harmonically and the colors mirror his forest home. I love how you made the leather look soft and smooth and the spotted pattern. The background adds a lot to the mood. It puts him in context without taking away attention from the character. I hope you have time to do more, have fun with it ... and share it with us at times.