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So, you're looking for the Donning/Starblaze editions of Elfquest. Those have long been out of print...those were my first editions too. I think they only made the first four Books, but here they are: book 2 book 3 book 4 The rest, from Father Tree Press, look like this (they also reprinted 1-4): books 5 thru 8 Your best bet is to scour Amazon and ebay. You can also find the DC reprints of Archive 1-4, which are also out of print. Currently, Dark Horse is Elfquest's publisher. They just released The Complete Elfquest: Volume 1, which is Books 1-4 in one big omnibus. It's in black and white, and you can pick it up in paperback or digital, from Dark Horse, Amazon, TFAW, Barnes & Noble...pick your poison. ;) Next year, they'll release Volume 2, which will be Books 5-8. There's also a Gallery edition of the first five issues/Book 1 of the Original Quest, which is a ginormous set of scans of the original artwork for the comics. That comes out in October. Happy collecting. :)