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I think Teir is representing a Character we have not seen before with his "issues" so to speak. He has to learn to work through them. When you get burned socially as many times as he has and been solo from elves as long as he has, that is a very difficult thing to do. It is kind of like having a addiction to being a hermit instead of a drug. It' is not that he can't be around them and does not like it; but every time he get's his balance and is standing confident and happy with others he get's the rug yanked out from underneath him so to speak. Chronic repetition like that screws with anyone and not everyone can just brush it off and bounce back right away if every. I feel like seeing Kahvi and talking with her will help him get himself together. Think of it this way a child given up by their mom or parents that they can remember, possible bounce from home to home or and then stuck on their own alone. Finally learns to trust again after many years (storyarch after wild hunt we don't see much of) falls in love and plan has a future with said love and family he cares about. Then poof gone with warning. Sorry my very LOOONG two cents maybe I made a dollar. ^_^