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lunakat said: He's just really erratic. Like- sometimes he seems to be okay- and other times he goes ballistic and attacks an army of humans, or cries over his mom in a moment of crisis, or tries to have sex with the leader of the elves while she is trying to make important and urgent decisions, or just plain falls off a cliff because his girlfriend hangs up on him... right at the moment that everyone was about to escape.
This is actually pretty head on the nail how a person can react. I think it is because he is trying, but it is a little more than he can handle all at once. Mostly because all the suppressed things he had been trying to deal with from his (or not as the case may also be) are coming back on him all at once and he can't handle it 24/7 enter erratic melt down mode. It is just we don't always get to see that side of people b/c they hide it. Also Ember did a little more than hang up on him. ;-D She disconnected the link between their souls. I feel like that would be a unexpected punch to the face from your best friend.