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lunakat said: Wierder than Newstar, her brother's daughter, Dart and Kimo?
I'd say so, yeah. Dart had a childhood fling with Newstar - which could've been just a result of them being the youngest children, other than Suntop and Ember - then, many years later, after lovemate (Shushen) had died he recognized Serrin (Wing's daughter) and was in a relationship with her, and her other lifemate. Now he's really good friends with Kimo, Newstar's son. This family I'm talking about: Dewshine and Scouter are in a relationship, Dewshine then has a child with Tyldak from Recognition, Scouter takes over fatherly-duties. So far, so good, then the Palace Disappearance happens. Because of their mortality Dewshine and Scouter go into wrapstuff to await the return of the Palace, while Windkin - who's been rendered immortal by Winnowill - stays awake for the 10,000 year period, becoming not only older than his mother, but also older than his grandsire, who's sleeping over in the New Land. Meanwhile Scouter's and Dewshine's respective surviving parents also become lifemates, making Dewshine and Scouter step-siblings - at least from a human PoV. While the Wolfriders are sleeping Windkin spends some time travelling around with his sire and his sire's lovemate, then when his sire sadly passes away, he has a son with his sire's lovemate, who's either also older than his grandparent or at least rather close to her in age, and then just so happens to recognize the daughter of his grandmother's cousin.