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maatkare22 said: I think this EQ series really HAS to be read in collected form because the drawn-out printing schedule is clashing too strongly with the short time passage of the story
Exactly. For the story, it's been a day, two at most. For the readers, it's been months. We're getting the strong impression that it's difficult, if not impossible, for readers to shift gears - especially the emotional ones - back and forth from storytime to realtime and back again. Which is why we grit our teeth and soldier on when people gripe about the seeming superficiality of Teir's drama or Ember's decisions or what have you. This sh*t's happening wham-bam during a battle, then during a retreat, over the course of hours, sometimes mere moments. It's harsh, it's sudden and it's intense, and characters will react strongly. Just to spotlight one example (of several): Cutting off Recognition is not like breaking up with your current BFF. It's a psychic knife to the gut. Picture yourself hanging by fingernails hanging on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and suddenly you know, in mind and gut and every nerve-ending you own, that the love of your life has been brutally murdered. And you've telepathically experienced her/his dying, pain- and terror-filled moments. That's the kind of grip that Recognition can have, both coming and going. We don't expect that everyone's will grok that, or even want to. But that's how we're writing it.