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RichardPini said: We're getting the strong impression that it's difficult, if not impossible, for readers to shift gears - especially the emotional ones - back and forth from storytime to realtime and back again.
Many fans do seem to be having an issue with this. I wonder how many of those that do were first introduced to Elfquest via the graphic novels and/or are not serial comics readers? They might just not have the experience to know how this all works. In which case, I'd say stick your storytelling guns and tell the story the way that you see best. I'm also curious to know if you ever got this kind of feedback from prior storylines. Is there something different about how you're telling Final Quest? Are readers today just different?
RichardPini said: Which is why we grit our teeth and soldier on when people gripe about the seeming superficiality of Teir's drama or Ember's decisions or what have you.... Cutting off Recognition is not like breaking up with your current BFF.
I hope you know that 99% of our griping and poking fun of Teir is just a little bit of fun. As I said in the last episode, even though I pick on him a little bit, I personally do actually like Teir and think he's a really interesting character. As we react to specific actions and events, however, without the benefit of the bigger picture or knowing where Teir as a character is going, sometimes we fans might be a little too focused on the here and now, 'cause it's all we got! >:>