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RedheadEmber said: 1: Are the bios gonna be linked with the various character threads?
I'm sure Rob will correct me on this, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess not, as there's no easy way to link any time someone starts up a new thread (separate from the "official" Who's Who posts, I mean). I like to think of the Who's Who being a central sort of resource, to which posters can link from within the threads they create, if they so choose. Make it a one-way street, so to speak.
RedheadEmber said: 2: What's with the frequent use of those 'pinup calendar' pictures?
There's a long-standing request from Rob and Heather and David for hi-res art files - all of which I have here in the archive. We're working on getting the best possible illustrations for every character bio. "Best possible" refers to both the quality of the art and the quality of the scan. We can't help it if Wendy rather spectacularly defined a number of the elves visually via those calendars, now, can we? O:-)