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RichardPini said: Two, because we now have instant digital connection between and among everyone and everything, a new social paradigm has arisen and metastasized. I'm not sure if there's an actual term for it, but it expresses itself as a form of entitlement. If both you and I have equal access to the internet (particularly via social media) then - as we are surely seeing every day - everyone has the ability to say whatever they want, to or about whomever they want, about anything on their minds.
That's the point of having a forum, though- isn't it? For everyone to be able to participate and discuss?
RichardPini saidThere is no filter. Anyone can be as polite or as crude as they want. People will say things from behind a digital veil of anonymity that they would never utter in person. Some assume familiarity where none truly exists, simply because everyone has equal access to Facebook. Or Twitter. Or here. Fandom is nothing like it used to be.
That is true of a lot of areas online. But I don't think people on this forum have traditionally been too rude or abrasive. It's happened occasionally- but overall, I think we have a pretty nice culture here. When you are dealing with a wide demographic, though- you are always going to get all types. And there's always going to be that one or the other person who is a little out of left field. I will say though, you and Wendy have been very open to interacting with fans. I think it's unusual. It's very nice of you. I'm sorry if any of us have overstepped boundaries and/or taken advantage of that.