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RichardPini said:
RedheadEmber said: 1: Are the bios gonna be linked with the various character threads?
I'm sure Rob will correct me on this, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess not, as there's no easy way to link any time someone starts up a new thread (separate from the "official" Who's Who posts, I mean). I l
The limb creaks ominously! Right now, this is what's happening: • The bios each get an automatically-generated new thread when you comment on the bio. e.g. Dewshine's, here: http://www.elfquest.com/forums/discussion/8122/dewshine-elfquest#latest • There are the existing, long-running character threads. Here's Dewshine's: http://www.elfquest.com/forums/discussion/3377/dewshine-s-den#latest These can be merged together! So once we've tested it to make sure it all works right, with the merged character threads being linked from the official bios, we're cookin' with elf gas. One more thing... • A bunch of special forum accounts for many major characters will be created and assigned as the "creator" of these own threads instead of "System". This means whenever the thread is surfaced in discussion, it'll have the character's portrait in the listings and on social shares instead of the generic system logo or the Warp Wolf. Like this: dewshine