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Richard Pini wrote: Cutting off Recognition is not like breaking up with your current BFF. It's a psychic knife to the gut. Picture yourself hanging by fingernails hanging on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and suddenly you know, in mind and gut and every nerve-ending you own, that the love of your life has been brutally murdered. And you've telepathically experienced her/his dying, pain- and terror-filled moments. That's the kind of grip that Recognition can have, both coming and going. I'm taking back what I said about Teir having a little dramaqueen moment. I have been re-reading the preview a bunch of times now, and I think it looks more like he's giving up. Which I was not expecting from him, as I see him as someone who holds on to what he wants. (He did wait years for Ember to let him back into the tribe) Elfpop's explanation of Ember and Teir's recognition makes me think Teir gave up hope and stopped fighting, believing Ember has been killed :(( looks like he gets at least two big hits to his head too.. Oh well, one week to go :)