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So true, Trollbabe. People take such terrible risks to get here. I had a student once (she was a wonderful student- one of those kids who improved the caliber of any class she was in, just by setting an example) who had come to the United States illegally with her family. She said that she, her mother and her sister all travelled in a compartment on the underside of a bus. She said that it got so hot that her little sister almost died before they made it out. When I asked her what motivated her to work so hard at school- she said it was because she knew that her family took that risk so that she could have a chance to succeed in life and she didn't intend to waste it. It was apparent, by contrast, how much my American born students took for granted. It always angers me when I hear people making disparaging comments about "illegals" - as if they aren't deserving human beings or are somehow responsible for the systemic problems in this country. It's just plain bigotry.