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Since I requested the thread, I'll start. ;) I know it's not OFFICIALLY out yet, but I got a copy today due to a mix up with the app...a glitch, someone uploaded it early, I dunno. >.> This issue answered a LOT of questions...which is really fantastic, for once. *laughs* -Windkin and Teir: so Windkin is Teir's dad. It kind of...grew on me. Especially when I read his recounting of it. Kahvi wanted one more kid, it would make sense that she wanted one with Tyldak's blood, and...I mean, she could get anything she wanted. Who could say no to Kahvi? I'm stoked it wasn't Recognition. Windkin got the job done and was outta there...I get the impression that Kahvi treated him more like a sperm donor than anything, so with his need to find out what happened to Ahdri, I could see a potential cub leaving his mind. And the reason for Teir's abandonment is just perfectly Kahvi...he was a boy. It wasn't malicious, he just wasn't what she wanted...and the way she tells him that she's essentially stalked him with her spirit for so long has me guessing that she died shortly after she left him. I am still interested about his adoptive parents...they seem to be Go-Backs, but maybe they became more nomadic later on? It doesn't seem to quite match what we've been told about Teir in Wild Hunt, but obviously, with Go-Backs breeding like mad, they couldn't all stay near where the Palace was originally. The revelation for Teir that Windkin is his sire (and Dewshine his grandmother) was really touching. -Angrif's gun: it amuses me that they were able to deflect the last shot. SUCK IT, ANGRIF. But now the rest of the elves will know about the horror Ember experienced. Definitely more than a tiny, whizzing rock. -Ember and Teir: I am glad to see them reunited. It was great, at the beginning, to see Kahvi essentially taunt Teir into swimming to the surface. And by the end of the issue, he seems to accept that Ember isn't ready for Recognition. I am, however...I'm not quite sure how to explain it. Baffled, I guess? Baffled, that she was not only able to delay Recognition, but turn it completely off and deny it altogether. I feel like it really weakens Recognition's position as a biological imperative. If she could just decline, what kept Dewshine from doing the same when she Recognized Tyldak? Or Dodia, when she Recognized Door? What's so special about Ember that she can say "no" to Recognition? Cutter seems to think this is a new change brought by the Palace...which would be...interesting. Hmm. At least Teir seems to accept this decision she's made and is no longer BUT I WANNA HAVE A BABY!!!! about it. The commentary also calls them "lovemates" when before, Ember called him "lifemate," which I also find interesting. -Ember and the humans: I don't blame Ember for her attitude towards humans...I think that the wake-up call was necessary. But I hope that she doesn't blame the Longrider children for it...they're just as much victims of Angrif as she is, and I think that more humans raised among elves can only be a good thing. As long as they understand that not all humans can be redeemed. And of course, after answering all our questions, they leave us with a cliffhanger about the sanctuary at the top of the mountain that the rock arrows led them to. But they can't answer everything all at once. *laughs* It was nice to see Krim, Skot, Pike, and Sust reunited again, if only briefly.