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lunakat said: The explanation that Ember's ability to deny recognition is a result of the Palace's influence doesn't make a lot of sense. Ember hasn't spent time in the Palace- not really. She was in it as a kid when they discovered it- but that was very brief. She was in it again when Rayek stole it- again, very brief. She took a trip with it, as a teenager, to Sorrow's End and back- again, brief. And then, she didn't spend any time with it until it was recovered after the Shards war. She basically walked in, said hi to her dad- and walked back out. She hasn't been living near it like the Holt elves.
I fully agree.
lunakat said: Why are Abode humans so much more retarded than Earth humans? My best friend figured out how to make a gun out of bamboo when we were twelve. We got the basic ingredients, made some gun powder- and he figured out the mechanism by looking at how other guns were put tog.
Well, gunpowder was originally made as to treat skin infections...they didn't realize it had qualities for weaponization until later. It's easier to make a gun when you know how...not as easy if you're not used to smithing small mechanisms, or have no idea what's in gunpowder. Gunpowder was 9th/10th c. CE, but the firing mechanism which led to reliable handguns wasn't invented until 15th c. CE. So Abode-humans are a little behind on gunpowder, but a little ahead on handguns, if we're looking at Abodean humans being around 14th c. CE.
lunakat said: I actually like this explanation for Tier's parentage. It makes sense- and it also makes the fact that he found Ember much less random. Maybe Kahvi guided him to her?
Perhaps. I wonder how she would have. Part of what makes him angry with her is that she never spoke to him, even though she was watching.