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Thornbrake said: I had to re-read this a few times, but I don't think Ember turned it off completely. She called the inner strength that is in her, and her mother before her, to block the physical and emotional impact of Recognition, but it took the magic of Leetah and Mender combined (powered by the Palace) to actually break the biological imperative. Without that, I think Ember, like Leetah, would have eventually had to give in to the call of Recognition.
I re-read it a couple times too, and I see what you mean. If that's what's going on in the silhouette, if that's Mender and Leetah "freeing" them from the urge of Recognition...I can get behind that. I am totally behind the ability of people to choose whether or not to have children, just to be clear. :) There's definitely none coming from me. It just irked me that what was seen before as a steadfast rule was blatantly broken. But it appears I was wrong about that, so everything's coolio in my book now.
Thornbrake said: But remember, Windkin adventured with Kahvi and Tyldak during the long sleep. It was on one of his many journeys and adventures away from the Sun Village. So it happened probably at least hundreds of years before Forevergreen and Ahdri's wounding.
Maybe. Maybe it happened just before Forevergreen. Who knows. ;) I just pointed it out as a possible reason why Windkin may not have had a potential cub on his mind.