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I am loving it! To me this has been the best issue since the FQ started. I wont' repeat everything that has been said, because I am on the same page pretty much as y'all. The fact that Teir is Windkin's son does work for me. I like it, and Kahvi's actions work for me as well. And watching her spur Teir by taunting him made me smile to no end. Serious bit, Ember and Teir being able to postpone Recognition, I am happy. First off we see that not only were they not sure if it was going to work, but if it could be rekindled. This is something new for the elves and as Cutter even said "More change?" But what I really liked about it, is the actual important human issue it reflects. As a woman who has chosen to postpone having children (if I ever have them), I have received a lot of criticism from my own culture. I've been told I'm "selfish" or that I will never really know what it means to be a woman if I don't have children. I know many other women in my shoes have been treated the same way. ElfQuest is a 'self quest' for many of us, and having a female character in the story being able to say "I don't want to be a mom. At least not yet." is empowering. Fun bits, something for me that I really loved is the background moment between Skywise and Yun. His putting his arm around his daughter and saying 'I just felt like it.' Hopefully we get to see a growth between these two. He didn't get to be a father to her, and it means something to him. That moment left me with an awesome warm fuzzy. And a howl for Krim! Finally! So beautiful. I had tears in my eyes. It was perfect. Seeing Skot and Krim embrace Pike and Sust was another highlight for me. Closure for them (and us) was needed and we got it!