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Tam said: I re-read it a couple times too, and I see what you mean. If that's what's going on in the silhouette, if that's Mender and Leetah "freeing" them from the urge of Recognition...I can get behind that.
Yeah, and it's pretty obvious that Teir is still feeling the full effect and drive of Recognition even though Ember was able to put it on hold. The caption following Mender and Leetah discussing whether they two of them together could "do what's wanted" reads, "As the lovemates are freed of the ancient reproductive urge.... Once the magic takes hold, only then do all howl for a dear friend lost in battle." So it's definitely not a case of an individual elf just deciding to ignore Recognition. Here's a question: Are Ember and Teir lovemates or lifemates? In issue #4, Ember calls Teir her lifemate: Ember Forgive Me But now they are being referred to as lovemates in issue #5. I'm confused. Elves can be lifemates without having to be have a consummted Recognition, so why the switch? Something similar happened with Scouter and Dewshine in Hidden Years. They were lifemates, then lovemates, then lifemates with Tyleet. Odd.