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Okay- after having read it thoroughly, I fully buy that Ember was able to shut down her reaction to recognition (like her mom did)- and do think it's clear that Mender and Leetah were required to free them from the full grip of it. I'm also with Heather in that I like that Ember found a way to exercise her power of choice. I also like the implication that Skywise has developed some sort of relationship with his daughter. There was some good lead up to that in the prequel (in his discussion with Sunstream)- and then, after, we saw him visiting Ember's tribe multiple times in a pod. It just makes sense. And yes, it was sweet for him to put his arm around her- plus, it had to happen story-wise. It would have been kind of awkward for him to be on this adventure and just not interacting with her. As far as what they see is concerned- it has to be noticeable enough (big enough) be seen over the trees. Some kind of structure?