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Tam said: Windkin and Teir: so Windkin is Teir's dad. It kind of...grew on me. Especially when I read his recounting of it. Kahvi wanted one more kid, it would make sense that she wanted one with Tyldak's blood, and...I mean, she could get anything she wanted. Who could say no to Kahvi?
I was really intrigued to see the reasoning behind Kahvi's abandonment of Teir was due to his gender. (MISANDRY!!!!! =)) =)) ) Honestly, it was quite consistent with what we've seen of Go-Back culture; females tend to be the leaders. Females are strong, desirable offspring. I'm not saying that's right (by human standards or otherwise) but it's just interesting to see the "usual" turned on its head that way. I also like her term of endearment for Teir, "duckling" - fits, him eternally trying to toddle after her, at least metaphorically, like a baby duckling. Are there ducks in the frozen mountains? And what was with the hint about his "unusually gifted" Go-Back father - was that a nod to past acknowledgments of Teir's origin story and inheriting the "gift" of animal-bonding from his sire?