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Tavie said: I feel like this "Hey we're Recognized!" "OK, now we're not anymore" thing sort of fits the "red herring" category. Who was it that was asking recently how many actual red herrings Wendy's thrown at us? I think this one may just count as a real one. This and "Rayek's dead, there's his finger bone.... PSYCH" are the only real ones, right?
I agree. I think with all the talk of it, though- there must be more coming up. I'm sure something about future quest and JInk will turn out to be a red herring.
travelbug said: Zarhan Fastfire managed to delay his recognition to Cheseri for ten years, so I guess
So this is not entirely unprecedented.
travelbug said: I think it is a very clever way of adressing the issues in our world over the expectations about having children. It is after all the norm to get married and have a family.
It can be hard both deciding to not have children (for whatever reason, it is a very personal choice) or for some reason not being able to have any (which would be a difficult experience for those who would love to have kids)
travelbug said: Wendy and Richard must have met some of those expectations on their way as well, as they dont have children.
I always had the impression (based on what they've said about it) that they chose between children and their work. But I could easily be wrong- not actually knowing them personally and all.
Heather said: It also fits with Kahvi's train of thought as well, keeping the Go-Back numbers up. You need more females for that than males. So to Kahvi, females are better for the tribe, more females, more fawns. It's obviously not the way other elves think, but Kahvi isn't like other elves.
Let's just face it. Kahvi is sexist. Here's flat proof. She clearly would have been one heck of a mother. And there was no impressing her. Look at Vaya. Vaya literally had to commit battle suicide to win her mother's respect. And she did it. That's all we really need to know to understand that dynamic.
Tavie said: Are there ducks in the frozen mountains?
She's done a lot of traveling since the frozen mountains. I just wanted to conclude my comments with how impressive I find Angrif Djun's chest hair. Everyone go back to that page and look at it. Just look. There is so much of it. I can only imagine what the rest of him looks like.