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Tam said: Who could say no to Kahvi?
Cutter? :)
travelbug said: I think it is a very clever way of adressing the issues in our world over the expectations about having children. It is after all the norm to get married and have a family.
It can be hard both deciding to not have children (for whatever reason, it is a very personal choice) or for some reason not being able to have any (which would be a difficult experience for those who would love to have kids)
Wendy and Richard must have met some of those expectations on their way as well, as they dont have children.
Ditto to what everyone has already said along this line and I fully support those that chose their own choice. (Although I am a little saddened about Ember's choice, totally selfish on my part). I was asked and pressured by family and non-family "when are you having kids?". I found it be invasive when we didn't want to have children and then saddening when we were trying and it wasn't taking. I find myself to be very aware when around other couples, heterosexual or not, to let them bring up the topic as result. Technically, Elfmom and Elfpop have children. They have their unruly elf children and they have their unruly tribe of us. And this tribe keeps growing, expanding and just like this issue, finding lost long "relatives" and welcoming them into the fold. :-@ Glad that Teir has been welcomed into a very loving family after having such a strong willed/distant mother....I keep feeling like he might feel like Tullah in My Big Fat Greek Wedding shortly though, no time for a private thought! ;)