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Okay, I'm really glad they're both alive and well, though it did seem a tad-bit that was quick! However, I'm sure they won't be at peace for long. As for Kahvi. I'm... a bit of two-minds about her. On one hand, she's clearly misandric, what with her talk about a lad always being a disappointment. On the other hand, well, she could have just left him in the snow (or wilderness) the moment he was born, insteadt she made sure he'd be raised by someone who'd want him. I quite like the idea that Windkin is the sire. Just goes to show that elves don't have the same "issues" we might have with something like that. About making genealogies, for me it's not so much about finding out exactly relation everyone is to everyone (and pretty much everyone is related to everyone) but to marble over how completely tangled the Elfquest family tree is. I'm a bit worried about Ember's attitude towards the human children, she seem to have gotten a new kind of resentment towards humans, as Cutter put it: "There's no blood but she's still been hurt deeply." Understandably, but I'm still worried it'll put her against the good humans. And... what is it they're seeing at the end?? IT'S NOT FAIR THAT WE HAVE TO WAIT TWO MONTHS TO FIND OUT! I might have done the look-really-close-in-hope-of-seeing-what's-going-on thing. I know it doesn't work like that. BTW: Glad Darshek didn't die! ;)