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When the elves have to leave Abode, the Palace will only be able to support a finite population, much like Blue Mountain. Being able to refuse Recognition, or at least postpone it until there's a new world to live on for a little while, could be a good thing. So while I'm like many other readers in feeling "Wait, that's not how it works. Ah well, it's their canon, they can do as they wish with it," being able to do that will only help. And when the mortal Wolfriders go extinct, and only Go-Backs, Sun Folk, and Wavedanders are left, being able to control the population in space will become even more important. Which makes me wonder who will accept it (Skywise and Timmain, obviously, else there'd be no Jink), and who will be able to push it away? And I admit, I am glad Ember and Teir are accepting they're not ready to be parents. The power to choose is something too many people don't use. If Recognition does strike again, though, and they choose to have a cub, I hope they'll be happy and able to raise it in a healthy way.