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Maatkare22 said: Welp. That settles it. The Wolfriders are more inbred than a bunch of Kentucky hillbillies.
And...I'm just gonna say it--I HATE what's been done with Ember over FQ. Here is a character who I have literally watched grow up, who has been gifted with amazing potential and...I just feel nothing great has been done with her in this arc. I know, I know, in story time it's been only a day or so but we're up to issue #5 and she's been tied up, mentally tortured and spit on, made illogical decisions for her tribe, and literally had to be rescued. If she does't get to chop some heads off next issue there's no way I'm buying the collected series. Yes, Elfmom and Elfpop, your story, your way, but damn...Cutter & Leetah's kid deserves better. >
I have a real hard time feeling much sympathy for what Ember has gone through, considering she basically let herself be captured and then refused to call for rescue until the plotline demanded it. Especially since she KNOWS what these humans are capable of - the Wild Hunt storyline saw Pike tortured and nearly executed, the tribe poisoned, Pool kidnapped, etc. Frankly, there's nothing Angrif has done to her (Fun with Gunpowder notwithstanding) that she hasn't already seen. Looks like this whole exploit will be the "final straw" in Ember's love-hate relationship with humans, but I find it strange that she's so shaken by it - lest I get on another loooooong rant about Scouter's coup, THAT whole arc of Wild Hunt seemed far more disillusioning and traumatic than one night being menaced by humans.