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elfquestfanAZ said: I have a problem with Windkin being a dad. Having been an Elfquest since my late teens, I've read the early issues and know that Suntop and Ember are older than Windkin. They were pre-teens when Windkin was born in Blue Mountain where some of Cutter's tribe members were captives and where Dewshine met Tyldak and recognized with him and gave birth to Windkin sometime later. So there is about 10-12 years of age gap between Windkin and the twins. So, considering that, Windkin is a dad to a full grown man? While Sunstream just had a baby girl and Ember could opt for a cub if she accepted the recognition with Teir. Just doesn't jive that Windkin could be a dad to a full grown man, who is the same age as the twins. Does not fit the timeline. Based on what I know about Windkin and the twins, Windkin should be around the age of late teens or very young adult. So, how could he be the dad of Teir? A full grown man, the same age as his own dad? Simply doesn't make sense at all. I would believe it better if Teir is the child of Kahvi and Tyldak, but definitely not Windkin.
Jhm.. Actually Windkin is 10.000 years old. The Palace disappeared, remember?