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Embala said: Windkin is thousands of years older now than the twins.
And his mother... and his grandsire...
lunakat said: The Shards War took maybe a year- right? How long was Ember chief during the Wild Hunt stories? Twenty years? And then probably another close to twenty years for Shunapek and Korafaye to become adults.
I always got the impression that the Wild Hunt stories were supposed to have taken place during that 20-odd-year time skip from Korafay's birth to the end of the Special.
jeb said: I also am wondering about Cutter asking Strongbow to take his place when the little pod gathers them up. Take his place where? As acting chief? Why Strongbow when that's traditionally been Treestump's position.
Because Treestump at least once has clearly stated that he doesn't want it. Strongbow was also acting chief when they first went to meet the Wavedancers after Sunstream's and Brill's Recognition.
Tavie said: I presume the Go-Backs could live practically on top of it for so many millennia and seem to be totally untouched by magic
If you're referring to the time from when they started feeling the Palace's pull and settled down at the Lodge (the one where we first meet them) it was that long, just "twelve eights and some" according to one Go-Back youth during OQ16.