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Well, that was quite an issue! It's great to see that a few of those all important questions are being answered. I thought both the art and the general pacing of the story was very well done... My only niggle is that I feel that the major events feel a bit rushed, and I can't help but link that to the short page count per issue, less panels per page compared to the 'old days'. It feels like certain emotions/events/moments of impact now are told uber-quickly in speech bubbles rather than shown, and I always thought that Wendy and Richard excelled at the whole showing not telling thing. This way, it somehow takes a little bit away of the impact..? Or is that just me. I dunno... It does, to me, make this story feel different. Not any less, not bad, just different. And we're only 5 issues in, so hey :) It must be a hell of a job to write this script and put so much 'big' stuff in such short bites so I'm not complaining or pointing fingers towards the Pini's. Hell, the last few issues have made me more and more excited and I feel like, now that the pressure of the rescue is off, we'll see more 'breathing room' in the story, give the characters a chance to collect themselves, especially Teir. Maybe this event has been the setup, the opening act. I think issue 6 will wrap up the first collection? I'm guessing they'll have a big cliffhanger/surprise up their sleeves ;-) The anticipation is back just like all those years ago, and it's a good feeling! About recognition: Ember being able to ignore recognition: the palace's influence? I feel like it is. Recognition has always been more common with the wolfriders, right? Because their lifestyle of danger needed it. Blue mountain elves stopped recognizing, if I remember correctly winnowill said so in the first quest. More change indeed... And quite interesting that it is happening to the wolfchief who was supposed to guard 'the way'.