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RedheadEmber said: I can't but thinking that from a making the tribe continue perspective wouldn't it make more sense to have the orgy after the battle? As it is now half the females who died in the war could've been pregnant.
Well... let's assume that the Go-Backs do not count embryos right after conception as 'elf souls'... or that if they do count them as souls, they do not see their destruction in battle circumstances any worse than the death of adult elves... By that logic, having the orgy before the battle does make sense. Although some of the mothers and embryos are destroyed, those mothers would have died anyways, pregnant or not, and not borne any more children. But by having the orgy before the battle, some of the males who will die in the battle will have the last chance to pass on their genes, to get a female pregnant who will survive the battle. Also, I would assume that Go-Backs have sexual relations with each other whenever they feel like it, not just at big orgies before each battle.