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wildfire said: The Go-Backs have always been a bit odd like that, they don't really see death the same way as the Wolfriders but why Dewshine got to fight is weird. The Wolfriders are usually extremely protective of their lifebearers (Rainsong and Tyleet just to name a few) and for them it would be common sense to have them stay behind.
The way I see it, it's a question of priorities. The Wolfriders were protective of their lifebearers because they were low in numbers and, as far as they knew, they were the only elves around. After meeting the Sunfolk, Gliders and the Go Backs- they knew there were plenty of elves in the world. Dewshine was only just pregnant. She wasn't showing and it wasn't inhibiting her in any way- and they probably needed, at that moment, as many fighters as they could get. Plus.. it would have been a little 'precious' of the Wolfriders to insist Dewshine stay behind (we already know she's not that type) on the basis of pregnancy- considering that the entire Go Back tribe had just done everything possible to get every female they could pregnant. And, frankly, they were all walking into this prepared to lose lives. You don't not lose lives in a war. Their priority was to get the Palace back and finish this thing - not to stay safe and cozy in a nice warm lodge until the babies all came. In light of the Go Back lifestyle and culture- I think the orgy made a lot of sense. It was a way to enjoy life intensely- one last time- before risking a likely death in battle. More importantly, it was a way to plant as many seeds as possible so that, even if only a few of them made it back, there would be new births. And it gave Ryan and David something to mention every podcast. Utterly practical.