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lunakat said: they probably needed, at that moment, as many fighters as they could get. Plus.. it would have been a little 'precious' of the Wolfriders to insist Dewshine stay behind (we already know she's not that type) on the basis of pregnancy- considering that the entire Go Back tribe had just done everything possible to get every female they could pregnant.
This. It seems like they needed every body available for that war; the only one who stayed behind was Redlance with the fawns. This is also why Kahvi kind of...giving up on Vaya so quickly didn't bother me. It's callous, sure...but Kahvi was the leader of a war tribe, and probably thinking numbers. How many were they willing to risk for one life? There was no guarantee that they would save her without casualties or serious injuries, both of which would be of further detriment to the fighting force as a whole. The orgy BEFORE the war makes sense to me. It not only has the purpose of possible reproduction, but it brings the tribe (tribes, in this case) together, it gets the blood boiling, it's a good distraction, it's a great way to spend possibly your last night...and if they were to have the orgy afterwards, I mean...it would be super lackluster. *laughs* "Hey, we just mourned a pile of our friends, now let's all go have sex with each other." Better for procreation, not so good on morale.