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wingthing said: Oh, I was thinking afterwards, the "She chose, she's gone" line. Let's face it, if it had been say.... Nightfall captured and Cutter in charge Ekaur would have reopened that hole in the wall within a heartbeat and the Wolfriders would have gone flying back in there.
I actually don't think so. They barely made it out of that pit. I don't think Cutter would have risked his entire two armies in order to rescue Nightfall- especially not at that juncture (they had just gotten there). You will notice he didn't go running to rescue Skywise when there was trouble- instead, he looked at the bigger picture. Sure, that was is brother in a crisis, not able to move and likely to get killed if he didn't pull it together. But that was just one life- and Cutter had a responsibility, at that moment, for three others. Kahvi not rescuing Vaya was not example of Kahvi being a callous mother- it was an example of her being a good leader. Kahvi was responsible for her entire tribe. She was also responsible for their mission. A lot of her people had just died in order for them to get this far. They were close to accomplishing what they had dedicated their lives to achieve. To go back just to save her own daughter- when so many others had died for this- would have been selfish. Also- Vaya was an adult. She could have stayed at the lodge with Redlance (Pike thought she had)- but instead she chose to go to war. She then chose to rescue her mother and defend the retreat. The most glorious thing you could do, for the Go Backs, was to die honorably in battle. Vaya had just chosen that. Kahvi accepted her choice-- not just because there was nothing that could practically be done about it at that point-- but because her daughter was an adult member of the tribe, and that's how they lived.