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Yes- and he probably would have come if Skywise were hurt- but Cutter isn't Kahvi. Cutter is much more sentimental than Kahvi. Even unhurt- if someone tells you they can't move in the middle of a sword swinging battle- the chances of them getting killed are pretty high. So Cutter took a gamble with his friend's life. And he made the most practical decision- because he knew the young Go Back he was with and Dewshine could not fight as well as Skywise could with a sword (presuming he got it together). But it was still a gamble. Resentment or whatever- that's on Skywise. If Cutter hadn't done that- who knows? Maybe Skywise would have gone with him to find Nonna and Adar or wouldn't have jumped Aroree and set off the events in 'Seige'- but that's a whole nother issue having to do with one character's anger at another. Not with the ethics of the choice made in the first place. My point is just that Cutter wouldn't risk everything to save a friend. He wouldn't have opened the wall and gone, guns blazing, back to save Nightfall. He didn't tell Dewshine to stay behind at the lodge- rather, he let everyone come who was willing. And he didn't go running to save Skywise. He did the more practical thing and stayed with his cousin and the stranger he had just met. Kahvi is a hundred times less sentimental than Cutter. She clearly had feelings for her daughter- but she was more dedicated to the larger goal. I think the fact that Vaya was Kahvi's own daughter showed that what Leetah assumed wasn't the case. Kahvi wasn't just ruthless and uncaring. She was true to her philosophy and dedicated to her cause and her people. She didn't break for anything.