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Comics at Columbia, October 7, 2014. We are deeply indebted to show organizer Karen Green for choosing a personal Elfquest story to round out the exhibit. All six pages of "Dreamtime - Part ?" comprise the final case, with this commentary on the explanatory card: "In a fitting coda to an exhibition about the significance, impact and history of the comics medium, this story depicts artist Wendy Pini within her creation. Her conversation with elves Cutter and Skywise, twenty years after the beginning of the series, provides a meditation on the complex relationships that develop among a comics creator, her characters and her fans. Both characters and fans become like family, with the same possibilities for love and dysfunction, as well as the locus for her legacy. ... Invoking legendary cartoonists Carl Barks, Joe Shuster, and Hal Foster; referring obliquely to recent personal events, such as the death of her dog and her hip surgery; acknowledging the role of husband Richard in marshaling their work and their fans; even giving a nod to fanzines and fanfiction, Pini ends by depicting, quite literally, the cartoonist's immersion in his or her own created world." expo 1