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Something I've been thinking about for a while. There seem to roughly speaking be three types of Lifemating: 1. Those who are together because of Recognition: Cutter and Leetah, Strongbow and Moonshade, Skimback and Sandsparkle, Scouter and Tyleet, Dart and Serrin (as well as Tyleet and Dewshine, and Dart and Talmah, indirectly) 2. Those who were together before Recognition: Teir and Ember, Bearclaw and Joyleaf 3. Those who are together without Recognition: Skot and Krim and Pike, Scouter and Dewshine, Treestump and Clearbrook Of course there are some that are vague/open for contest. Are Sunstream and Brill 1 or 2? They were lovemates for an unknown time before Recognizing, but they hadn't actually met each other physically. Are Redlance and Nightfall 2 or 3? They had Tyleet as a result of forced Recogniton, but does that count? With others we simply don't know whether they were together or not before Recognizing. And then there are the special category of: Those who are not together despite Recognition: Tyldak and Dewshine, Door and Dodia