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Eyeshigh said: Moonshade is struggling with mortality at the moment and i think Strongbow would rather be with her then die, but i could be wrong
What a dilemma- to live forever with the woman you love, or to die. I don't know how anyone could make such a choice! Seriously Strongbow- get with the program.
Eyeshigh said: Still, i am not sure if Skywise will Recognize Timmain, there is too much respect or distance between them.... but it is hinted.... i feel that she is more a teacher or mother to him.
But that wouldn't matter to recognition. No matter the relationship between two people, recognition is biological imperative to mate. It doesn't matter if two people like each other, are compatible as lifemates, want to have kids, are mortal enemies, etc.. It just strikes.
Knightbird said: he end of Jink reminds me a little of the dream Zhantee had in Dreamtime. Just some random thoughts.
How so? Do tell!
sulken said: my theory (already posted it in another thread): Jink is Skywise and Timmain's daughter. After they die Cutter adopts her, at one point, because he's so troubled by his memories of his lost loved ones, Jink erases his memories. Who knows, maybe even his wolfblood, so he can later become the master of the palace
That seems most likely to me as well. Jink is very similar to Skywise (behavior and looks), but with many of the skills and abilities of Timmain. She's able to shape-shift pretty effortlessly.