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I kinda think that maybe the skipping is the keep the elves stronger. Take the healers in Sorrow's End: For many years they didn't have a prober healer, just Toorah (and possibly others before her) with her herbs and needles. During that time people still died from mundane reasons: Alekah got a fever, Tekshu got bitten by a rattletail... Then Leetah was born, and after Thiro died from being kicked in the head by a zwoot she came into her powers and for 600 years nobody died in Sorrow's End which, as we've seen, lead the the Sunfolk being overly dependant on her magic. By the time she decided to leave Sorrow's End to look for Cutter Rainsong's news that her unborn child had healing powers helped Leetah not feeling too bad about it, but the villagers still had to wait some years for Mender's powers to mature, this together with Dart beginning to train the Jackwolfriders probably helped with hardening the Sunfolk up a little. Later, after the Go-Backs attacked Mender still couldn't heal everyone, and during the Long Wait they couldn't very well pull him out of his cocoon for every tiny scratch and sore someone got. It's often said that Recognition knows, but just how much does it know? Did it not only know that the Sunfolk would need a new healer, but also that they needed a few years without a healer in order to stop being overly dependant on the magic?