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Welcome to the Pack! we can be a little crazy sometimes, but don't worry, we don't bite... much! ;) I'd definitely recommend starting at the Original Quest, and going on to Siege at Blue Mountain, Kings of the Broken Wheel, then Shards. Also, be sure you read In All But Blood, it's an AMAZING set of stories that explain Cutter and Skywise's relationship really well, and WHY they really are so close! Also, i'm sure someone mentioned it before me or you've found it already, but make sure to check out the Final Quest, which is the NEW story that's being currently written and published every-other-month. And don't worry, it's not the END of ElfQuest, just the Final Story of a Hero's Journey, as we've been told by the creators, Wendy and Richard Pini, who we lovingly refer to as ElfMom and ElfPop. :D the newest issue of the Final Quest, #6, comes out at the end of November, so there should be time to catch up on the backstory before you read the new stuff. OH! and before you get to Final Quest, also be sure to read the Wavedancer series, so that you know about that Tribe and their... interesting... mentalities and mind-set... ;) As i said, Welcome to the Pack! Shade and Sweet Water! :)