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Mkal: Wow! I had no idea there were novels, too. Sounds like something I'd really enjoy. I'm headed to eBay! ;) Thornbrake: Yeah, I've started to collect all three of those storylines. That ought to keep me busy for a little while, anyway. Just got done on eBay when I came back to check on responses. Thanks for the info on when and where the color versions came about. Since I "discovered" the online version of Elfquest, I started reading the series in color. I wonder how I'll feel when my comics start to arrive and are in black and white? Has anybody else here started reading in color and then collected the B&W versions? Do you have a preference? It seems I always feel that my first exposure to something is "the authentic experience" and anything that comes later is a variation from what I perceive as "the norm", even though I know I'm doing it backwards from the folks who've been around from the beginning in 1978. I'd be interested in hearing other folks' opinions on color and B&W versions. Shadowfire: Thanks for the tips. At what point do you recommend reading In All But Blood? Will it spoil anything for me if I read it before, say, Hidden Years, or does it take place even before the events in the original Elfquest? Also, I will definitely be reading Final Quest once I've worked my way forward chronologically. And what's in Elfquest Volume 1 and Elfquest Volume 2? I also think I saw Volumes 3 and 4 out there somewhere, too. Are these collections? How do I find out which storylines are in them? I have so many years to make up for!