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That's a restart with a BANG, Eyeshigh! "Spear" is a sexy guy :) ... he has the best of Teir and Strongbow in my eyes. And Embers locks. Handsome and skilled with a feral mood at times! (imagine Glider and Kahvi and Bearclaw meet in this grin ...^^) I love his hair-do and features - the comparably wide jaw makes him outstanding. The outfit is very catchy and recognizable, too. The fur vest looks great on him and is a nod to his grandfather. He'd fit wonderful in the chiefs line! Looking forward to see him colored. I like the idea of grey eyes going with reddish hair for him. About magical powers - don't see a necessity for a special magical skill for hin. Then again .... it's a while the Wolfrider's had a magic user in their chiefs line. There is one power that was not seen befor this way ... and would make sense for plainsrunners. A special kind of watershaper - a raincaller. Just a thought... Awesome drawings, Eyeshigh! I hope to see more soon.