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It's great you found EQ, Johnno ... sounds like love at first sight!. Oh, I sooo remember this feeling... Welcome to the pack. :) Enjoy and have fun! You got many good advice and hints already. I doubt that you can do it wrong at all ... there are probably as many ways to (re)discover ElfQuest as there are fans. I've wondered whether I should drop a list I've once made to answer a similar question ... Warning: There might be very minor spoilers It's not "the ultimate reader's guide" but good enough for a smooth read. I'll try to give you some information about the different series so you can decide by yourself. Original Quest Siege at Blue Mountain Kings of te Broken Wheel Dreamtime - happens shortly after the return of the Palace ... awesome Wendy art Hidden Years #4, #8, #9,5 and #10-15 - single issues filling gaps and giving background information for the time from the return of the Palace until the main story lines SHARDS and HIDDEN YEARS start. Read before starting with Shards and the rest of HY! Main storyline - Shards (#1 til #15) and Hidden Years (from #16 til the end) - run parallel and influence each other. I've found it pleasant to read it "parallel" as well. Shards #10 / HY #24 and Shards #12 / HY #25 are directly connected - read the Shards issue before you look in the corresponding HY issue - spoiler warning! About same time as Shards and Ember's Hidden Years storyline New Blood #14-35 - Forevergreen Arc ... no direct connections with Shards/HY but it has necessary informations about the Sunvillagers' and Windkin's fate. Would be no fault to read New Blood #11, #12, #13 before you start the Forevergreen Arc with NB #14. (You can skip NB and continue with the main story without missing too much, tho.) Shards #16 gathers both the three story lines and the scattered elves. Here you should read In All But Blood - it starts with Cutter's youth, a story about his early time in the Sun Village, a story centering on Skywise somewhen after the return of the Palace. The last is the important one: Full Circle closes a time and knowledge gap between the end of SHARDS and the (so far) final stories ... The Searcher and the Sword - following Cutter's tribe after Shards Discovery - follows directly SatS NOT on Digital EQ: The Final Quest Special ... the issue that introduces the new ongoing FINAL QUEST story arc ... that's what would make most sense for me to read in row from EQ1 until "present time" (= The Final Quest) more or less parallel with SatS / Discovery Wild Hunt - following Ember's tribe after the Shards War Mender's Tale (unfinished) Recognition (unfinished - concluded/retconned in the Final Quest) The Forevergreen Story arc is more or less followed by Worldpool - follows some chars from the Forevergreen Arc, followed by Fire-Eye ... unfinished both probably "non-canon" Other series and single issues: Tales from the elves' wild past: Blood of Ten Chiefs Two-Spear Wolfrider! - read it! By any other name (RC "In all but Blood") Hidden Years #5, #6, #7, #9 #5 Starfall, Starrise - pre-EQ1 (story about Skywise and his parents' fate) #6+ #7 How Shall I keep from Singing - High Ones' arrival and first years #9 The Enemy's Face - story about Leetah's birth and youth Homespun (RC "In all but Blood") Spotlights on the time of the Long Wait (disappearance of the Palace until Big Sleep) Hidden Years #1, #2, #3 #1 Wolfwood - during Long Wait (centering on Strongbow - I love it) #2 Going Back - during Long Wait (Kahvi "visits" Sorrow's End again) #3 Little Patch - during Long Wait (Tyleet's "cub") The Jury (?) New Blood #11, #12, #13 Kahvi Background story of the Wavedancers Wavedancers Issue #1 Wavedancers Wavedancers - lost chapters (unfinished) ... it might be less puzzeling to read it after Discovery (some inconsistencies and retconning) ---------------- Somewhen in not too far future Rogue's Curse - following Rayek's journey after Shards Far future Jink The Rebles Futurequest (unfinished) -------------- Havn't listed all ;) The rest of New Blood is a mix of Wild Past, Long Wait, various Misc stuff ... many of it considered non-canon same for Bedtime Stories and A Gift Of Her Own Elfquest Volume 2 - containes stories that are mostly listed and reposted in collections (ask if you want to know more ... same for stories I missed to mention) Kings Cross - a "What-If" / alternative universe story ... Xanth - something totally different There is no easy way to read through - you'll have to pick when you want to follow the time line. As you will notice some of the stories can be found in several topics. The Elfquest Vol. 2 issues have several ongoing stories in each issue - and then and now a single one. Many of these stories are gathered in collections: Dreamtime, Wild Hunt, Wavedancers, Rogue's Curse, Wolfrider to mention just a few. You can stick with the collections to follow my suggestions ... Elfquest Vol. 2 is a read for "completation" when everything else is done in my opinion. Don't hesitate to ask in case you need more information - or help to find some issues/collections. Good read! EDIT: added one or two infos and fixed annoying typos