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@Eyeshigh - Ok, cool. Thanks! @Thornbrake - Oh, I'm sure I'm going to love the B&W versions. Mine just haven't arrived yet so I haven't been able to look closely at the artwork. Well, the first 19 issues haven't arrived. I have issues #20 & #21 but don't want to look too closely at them because I'm only up to issue #15 and don't want to spoil any surprises for myself. That's pretty hard to do when reading a series of comics that started 36 years ago! Realistically, I don't plan to work too hard at it after I finish the Original Quest. @RedheadEmber - Thanks for the clarification. I went online and read 'Troll Games & Soul Names' last night and loved it! Quite a significant moment between Cutter and Skywise. Wow! Just... Wow! @travelbug - Ooh! I hadn't even thought about comics that were originally in color being reprinted in B&W. I imagine that would be a definite drop in sharpness of the drawings. @Embala - Definitely love at first sight! In fact, it was right here: First Sight And... wow! You may not have provided me with 'The Ultimate Reader's Guide' but it certainly is tremendously helpful! I didn't even know some of those existed! It seems there will be plenty for me to read and collect for a long time to come. Thank you!