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John no I've been collecting EQ since the marvel issue #1 was first available at the book store in the mall! My advice TO you is simply read and reread every page, WENDYs art Is very much like a davinci masterpiece you have tosoak up every pageIs NOT so much about "reading and rereading every word IS important but Wendy's beautiful art work tells it's own great story! Enjoy every small change in every elfs face, and the trolls and the humans and especially the wolfs!IF you find yourself starring at every page of every issue you will see the deeper side of every elves personal life's for example when leetah finally accepts recognition with cutter just look at the way Wendy draws leetah's playful ways of toying with cutter! Trust me on this one, the best art is in the black and white issue in the black and white issues the art IS very crisp, the marvel collection, IT always seemed to me the art was softer, and IF any of your friends enjoy great art ( wendyand Richards WARP graphics will not disappoint your friends! You see when I discovered the quest I bought 4 issue #1's and passed them out to some of my better friends (this was 1985! And ONE of thoose friends STILL has the issue ONE I gave him 30 some odd years later he still loves the quest!! I knew he would understand, I'd still have mine except I'm a air force brat(my mom and dad were in The American Air Force so my comic book collections turned up missing in shipping from Germany!(we were there for 7 years! Out of all the missing comic books... Elf quest, G.I. Joe, trans formers,and teenage mutant ninja turtles! If I had all of these collections today, I could sell(but still wouldn't!) them all and send my daughter to the college she already wants to go to (she's 13 years old!