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@Bearclaw3 - I'm beginning to see what everyone is talking about regarding the black and white issues. My WARP Graphics black and white print issues arrived in time for me to read the part in issue #17 with, what I've heard called 'The Orgy'. I could definitely notice the subtleties of the artwork. In the color version, we see Cutter and Leetah making love in the foreground and Rayek wearing a very solomn expression while he is with a woman in the background. When I saw the black and white version, I noticed that Rayek's eyes are actually not on the woman he is with, but looking out of the corner of his eye at Leetah and Cutter. It makes the scene a lot more intense and heartfelt. A couple of pages later, Guttlekraw is almost totally in shadow while sitting on his throne, with just white highlights giving him form... so much more powerful in black and white than in color - though the color version is still really, really good. I agree with you, I am going to have to go back to the beginning and read the WARP Graphics ones that arrived two days ago, just to look at the artwork. Funny that you mention Skywise. I've been looking very closely to his facial expressions as well as his body language since the very beginning. I can certainly identify with him more easily than I can with any of the others!