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If I could chose, I would rather have seen Bowki in the story. I liked the idea of Dart as a father and I think it's a shame that we've not seen much of it. And I would have liked to see how Bowki would get along with Strongbow. I wonder what Serrin looks like now? With this in mind, and also Moonshade's storyline, I have to say: I would not want to survive my son with a hundred years (or however long it has been for Serrin) and I can't imagine someone who has already lost a child choosing to become immortal. I guess it's different for the elves, because they can still communicate with their deseased, so Moonshade and Serrin know their children are happy where they are now. And also maybe the deseased don't seem so far away for them (with the palace close by now) so maybe they don't miss them the way we do. While for us, it's a matter of believing or not. (in an afterlife)