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RedheadEmber said: There's a difference between disagreeing and discussing a matter carefully and agreeing to the point where one feels the need to undermine another.
I agree with that. But even with careful discussion, someone has to concede their point. Some might see this as a sign of being a good leader, admitting when one is wrong...but others might see it as a sign of weakness. I'm not saying Cutter and Ember would be at each other's throats all the time...just that there's the possibility of conflict, between them, and between the ones they lead, not knowing who they should side with.
Eyeshigh said: But, there is a luxury here! I have never heard of two Chiefs at the same time, not counting the time(s) the tribe split up in anger!!!
She has that luxury indeed! I'm just saying, it might not be a great thing. Ember might not have that luxury in the future; she should be relying on her elders to pick up the slack, not the father who's shadow she's just escaping. Or maybe she doesn't even want a break. I wouldn't be surprised if Cutter offers her tribe safe haven temporarily; he certainly should. They don't have a holt now. But what next? There should be a plan for what happens after that. Do they unite permanently? Do they split off again to fight Angrif? Do they find Ember's tribe another home?