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I hope the tribes join together for a while. I think it could be good for them all to spend some time together :) maybe some new relationships will come along :) I think the elves will need a few terrifying experiences an maybe some deaths before they take the plunge to leave Abode. I think its anyones guess when Angrif will come for the wavedancers. It could be soon like weeks, or a few years. We can assume that it takes Angrif some time to build an entire fleet of army ships. A ship isn't built in a day. Angrif will probably be whipping slaves to work fast though. So if he decides to go for the wavedancers with a big fleet, it can be a while (maybe a couple of years?) However, he could also send ships he already have for the wavedancers. Its not stated that he has any at this point (as far as I can remember) but he is a warlord and rich and powerful, he may have one or two already.